Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Food service facilities that assign their staff to remove used cooking oil should consider outsourcing this task. Entrusting Green Star Biodiesel with this job ensures that your grease is removed regardless of holidays and in-house staff issues, such as turnover, vacations and illness. You can have peace of mind that Green Star Biodiesel will perform the job on a consistent basis, which enables you to focus on your core mission. You can rely on our company to remove and track the used cooking oil in accordance with all applicable regulations.

We collect all types of used cooking oil and provide the most secure units in the industry, which prevent odor, theft and accidental spills. Green Star Biodiesel takes the time required to analyze your kitchen operations, which enables us to provide a collection tank that matches your frying volume and work flow. Our company can collect your grease on an on-call basis, or we can set up a convenient weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Improper grease trap maintenance can create an unsanitary work environment, disrupt your kitchen operations and result in regulatory sanctions. Green Star Biodiesel can evaluate the specifications of your interceptor and design a schedule to inspect, clean and maintain your equipment. We can customize a service window that complies with local ordinances and avoids peak food service periods.

Our experienced crew will transport the grease to an approved disposal facility. We carefully record the time, date and amount of grease that we remove from your trap or interceptor on the hauler manifest. Our company maintains a copy of this document in our office and provides one for your records.

Line Jetting

The sheer volume of grease and scraps generated in food service kitchens increases the risk of drain line clogs. The most cost-effective way to avoid an expensive emergency service call is to periodically clean the lines that lead to your grease trap. Green Star Biodiesel uses pressurized water to scour away greasy sludge, which prevents major clogs, sewer backups and lost revenue due to downtime. Our equipment removes silt, dirt, debris and stubborn deposits from pipes that are difficult to reach with other types of cleaning methods. The fry volume of your kitchen will help our company to determine how often to perform this preventative service. Generally, we advise food service facilities to schedule line jetting at least once each quarter.

Power Washing

Oil and grease spills make it difficult to maintain a productive and safe work environment. The greasy buildup also attracts dirt and grime, which diminish the appearance of your facility. Green Star Biodiesel offers complimentary power-washing services for our recycling partners. We will wash the exterior portions of your grease collection tanks and adjacent surfaces like floors and sidewalks. This valuable service reduces the risk of pest infestations as well as lost work time due to slip and fall injuries.