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What We Do

Green Star Biodiesel is a Florida based company that provides the most efficient and economical, clean, safe and worry free service for collecting and recycling your used cooking oil that protects our sewers and waterways while creating sustainable new products with the used cooking oil. We utilize the most reliable and safe equipment and processes to collect and recycle your used cooking oil ethically and in an environmentally friendly manner.

We can collect your deep fryer grease, used cooking oil, other fats and animal/vegetable based oil byproducts and then recycle or dispose of them. We also clean grease traps of all sizes and provide line jetting services thereby ensuring a complete liquid waste removal solution for our customers. From automated scheduling to digital receipts and and 24 hour customer service, let Green Star Biodiesel be your liquid waste recycling company.

All of our practices are environmentally conscious, in compliance with Florida’s bylaws and support the ecosystem and renewable resources for sustainability. When you choose to use our services, you’re doing your part to keep food waste out of landfills and helping to keep our Florida waterways clean and healthy. Please don’t wait to set up your used cooking oil recycling, grease trap cleaning and line jetting services today!

Our Services

Our experienced team performs professional used cooking oil services that meld seamlessly with your kitchen operation. Entrusting Green Star Biodiesel with these essential tasks enables you to keep your restaurant performing at an optimal level.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

We collect all types of used cooking oil and provide the most secure units in the industry, which prevent odor, theft and accidental spills. We’ll collect your grease on an on-call basis, or we can set up a convenient weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule.

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Grease Trap Cleaning

Green Star Biodiesel can evaluate the specifications of your interceptor and design a schedule to inspect, clean and maintain your equipment. We can customize a service window that complies with local ordinances and avoids peak food service periods.

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Line Jetting

We use pressurized water to scour away greasy sludge, which prevents major clogs, sewer backups and lost revenue due to downtime. Our equipment removes silt, dirt, debris and stubborn deposits from pipes that are more difficult to reach with other cleaning methods.

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Green Star Biodiesel Services All of Florida!

We collect used cooking oil from restaurants and foodservice operations throughout Florida. We also provide power washing, grease trap cleaning, line jetting and other services that protect your kitchen operation and employees. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service and the best theft-resistant oil/grease collection tanks in the industry.

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Green Star Biodiesel is Now ISCC Certified!

The ISCC certification system guarantees conformity to the sustainability criteria of the European Directive on renewable energy (2009/28/CE): Reduction of greenhouse gasses, protection of water and forests, soil and biodiversity, and adherence to social legislation. This certification illustrates the environmental endeavors of Green Star Biodiesel.

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